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This is a Private mining parts sale.

All parts are working, used 6 mounth up to 2 years. Global shipping. Just shake off dusts and MINE some coins.

Shiping include in price, I send with International shiping from my company, ship to Europa take 7 to 15 days, Other 20+ days

Payments only with cryptocurrency. I cant give any guarantees, this is like buying from Ebay. You pay me with cryptocurrency.

How it works:

   *Make a payment in specified cryptocurrency address

   *Send at my email: address from what you pay, quantity you bought, most important- correct shiping Address. And you Email to contact about shipping.

   *After that, Il check payment in blockchain

BTC: 32UrUo3oGnKkcfdKPUNUVwvSb4syhczBhE

LTC: MQEmMmjvwdqzDrryNgpDsSVdhmg6aNB7TN

ETH: 0xAaD6d196485a16A3fC8df1743e51e2668614C6d8

My Email:

UNBELIVERS Even do not disturb me.

This is a Private sale, dont want any customs and fee things...



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